About me

My name is Ella Epton and I'm an owner of graphic design studio Elaton Inc

We specialize in web and marketing and everything design. But this website is about our special product - wall calendar.

Since 1998 our studio  producing Russian Chicago Calendar for Russian speaking  community. This a full color, 18x24" wall  glossy calendar. We print  5 thousand copies and give them away for free in stores and offices throughout Chicagoland.  Chicagoans love our calendars and looking forward to get them. They also make a great holiday presents for your customers.

I invite you to be a part of it - to be a strong presence in a Russian speaking community.




One unit is $300, some like to buy 2 to increase ad impact, but as we design in our studio, it is our responsibility to create a unique ad that shines in it's surrounding and work as a single unit as well as a part of the big design.  Size of one unit is 3.5"x3.3".

We sell 2-unit purchase with $100 discount (300x2=600-100=$500 )